World Class Construction Chemicals

Pioneers in World renowned Construction Chemicals for Concrete Admixtures, Waterproofing, Industrial Flooring, Concrete Repair Materials, Sealants, etc…

Engineering Products

Geotextiles, Road Marking, Gabions, Crash Barriers, Grout, Epoxy, Reinforcement Steel Fiber, Water Bars, Safety and Shade Netting, Submersible Pumps, etc…

Engineering Solutions

We undertake Waterproofing, Soil Nailing, Concrete Repair Works, Industrial Flooring (Cement Base / Epoxy Base), Sealant Works, Gabions and Crash Barrier Installation, Road Marking, etc...

 Finco Engineering (Pvt) Limited, commenced its operations in 1983. Today, we are the No. 1 Supplier of Construction Chemicals and Specialized Engineering Products and Services to the Construction Industry in Sri Lanka.

Finco Engineering is the  pioneering company in Sri Lanka for Waterproofing and Concrete Repair, with more than 30 years of proven experience.

Our Products are promoted through regular Seminars which are conducted by our Qualified and Experienced Staff  and the knowledge gained through the years are shared  with potential clients.   

Finco Engineering has had the ability to cater its Products to a variety of customer needs and provide solutions to complex construction requirements.

We have locally and internationally trained Marketing & Technical Staff who conduct practical Training Workshops to educate our Clients on the proper usage of the Products

Finco Engineering believes that every Project is an opportunity to evaluate and potentially reduce the impact made to the Environment. We offer Green Building Materials and Solutions combined with latest Engineering Technologies to the Sri Lankan Construction Industry. Through this our intentions are to minimize the impact made to the Environment.

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•   Admixture Products for Concrete & Mortar
•   Waterproofing Products
•   Concrete Repair Products
•   Geotextiles and Materials

•   Industrial Flooring Products
•   FRP Structural Strengthening Products
•   Structural Grouts (Epoxy and Cementiticious)
•   Gabions and Materials
•   Road Marking Materials
•   Crash Barriers and Accessories
•   Sealant Products
•   Reinforcement Steel Fiber
•   PVC Geomembranes
•   Heat Insulation Products
•   Safety and Shade Netting

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•   Waterproofing Solutions
•   Concrete Repair Works

•   Industrial Flooring Applications
•   Soil Nailing and Shotcreting
•   Gabions Installation
•   High Performance Concrete Solutions
•   FRP Structural Strengthening
•   Remedial Waterproofing Injections
•   Structural Pressure Grouting
•   Joint Sealant Works
•   Reinforcement Steel Fiber Solutions
•   Heat Insulation Applications


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Finco (Pvt) Limited
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